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I have so much to blog about but not really the time.


Still here is a little story about me, my son & a butterfly


It was the summer 2010 when i walked along the stream of Les Buet in the Vallorcine valley.

At the time my wife was 6 months pregnant. On that day in August 2010 we were sitting by the river when a small butterfly landed in my hand, and stayed their for nearly a hour, It seemed significant at the time! perhaps the butterfly was bringing us good luck.

I luckily had my camera and captured this magical moment.

So fast forward to 2012 and on exactly the same date i return to  Les Buet with my son to hike up along the beautiful mountain river.

We hike up to a similar side of the river and stop for lunch, this time me my son relaxed in the shade of the trees and shared a sandwich. Imagine my surprise when the same species of butterfly flutters around us and lands on my hand.

This time i had my son with me which was magical in itself. However i did not have my camera (a highly unusual accurance!!! with me so i panicked for a second when i realized i had my i phone.

It was magic to have this happen to me and especially to have my son with me to share the magic.


Thank goodness for my i phone & the magic of nature.


Speak soon



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