Andy & Charlotte's wedding in Annecy




Andy & Charlotte's Wedding In Annecy

Now this really was something very special in terms of location, views and romance. Annecy has always been one of my favorite locations in the Haute Savoie so when Charlotte told me that the church was in fact on the edge of Annecy lake in the small town of Talloires i was very excited.
In 1016 the abbey, and now the hotel in which Charlotte & Andy were staying in and also using for the wedding reception was founded here by King Rudolf the III of Burgandy and monks from Savigny and Lyon. The current standing structures of the Abbey were built in 1861. 
My first task was to photograph the friday evening where all the guests were invited on to a ferry and taken around the lake. The guests were treated to a tasty buffet and champagne. Back ashore some of the guests partied into the early hours at a very cool little bar underneath the hotel.
The next day i woke up early to find the weather perfect; blue sky and turquoise lake, wonderful. Annecy lake is actully Frances second biggest lake and is known for being the cleaniest lake in europe. The lake was actully formed 18,000 years ago by glaciers melting and water collecting into what is now the lake.
On the morning of the wedding i headed down to the Abbey hotel and had breakfast with the bride to be. She seemed really relaxed and we talked about the day ahead and how glad we were with such fantastic weather. Now, any photographer will tell you that great sunny weather actully does not mean an easy days work. It is essential to keep a close eye on over exsposure if you shoot in Manual, something i always do as i am a control freak and like to be the one controlling the aperture the shutter speed and the ISO. A wedding day is a day where no mistakes can happen so it is essential that i know what the camera is doing and feel confident in the settings. 
I always try to be a fly on the wall photographer, trying to capture the natural moments, however if couple are up for it can be fun to try some posed style pictures and when you have a back drop like Lake Annecy behind you can really go for it ......... and Andy sure did, but more of that later.
So, with the hairdresser arriving at the Abbey and Charlotte surrounded by great friends and family i was soon capturing photographs that i had hoped i would in such an atmospheric location. Charlotte emerged in her wedding dress and she really did look radient. 
I quickly ran over to the hotel where Andy was getting ready and photographed all the boys on a jetty by the lake. 
It was an emotional service and soon with vows exchanged, Andy & Charlotte are confirmed as Man & Wife.
Next, the couple covered in confetti, strolled hand in hand down the road that leads through Tallories and down to the lake closely followed by the congregation. I quickly ran ahead wanting to capture the couple on their own and after with everyone walking behind.
Next it was onto the reception where the guests sipped wine in Bruce Willis's favourite garden and there was a sense of fun as people looked at photographs of themselves and of the new Mr and Mrs Egg as they are affectionatley known.
Some of the best photographs come when you get the couple on their own for a few moments and this is where Andy climbed up from the Jetty and on to one of two mooring pillars. Andy in full wedding get up stood on top of the pillar and was very lucky not to fall in the water when the pillar started moving.
Next the exciting couple boarded a speed boat and we had a quick zoom around the lake, this was another action packed moment where Andy took the wheel of the speed boat pretending to be James Bond!
Now it was time to head back to reception where i rounded everybody up to photographed a group shot. I did this from the hotel's balcony really wanting to capture the lake in the background.
They day just seemed to fly by and soon the speeches were under way.........I always find this part of the wedding a good time capture emotive and natural images.
With the cake cut, people were on to the dance floor entertained by a rock band and a DJ called Charlie Bob Marley
As the night zoomed by the last photograph of the evening was of the bride and groom jumping into the lake hand in hand.
As you can tell from this blog the day was filled with fun, sun, love and water.......
Here are some images from the big day.

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