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Hello Darling's

Sometime in the middle of last summer i bumped into the director of All Mountain Perfromance Mark Gear. 
Mark had said that he really wanted to get some Photos for his website showing him and his Ski instructor partner Simon Halliwell doing what they teach Skiing.
I was excited to be approached to do this as i am forever up on the Hill with my beloved Canon Eos 1d's Mark 1v and new that the fact that my camera fires at a shutter speed of 10 FPS i would be able to Freeze time and with the correct conditions be able to show the skill and power of the AMP Ski Team.
Fast Foward to April and i am in the Grand Montet Cable car Photographing Ten80 Events Clients, when i bump into Mark and he said again that if we get some good conditions could we go out together and Photograph himself and Simon in Action.
Finally the Morning arrvies and the powder in on the Glacier and the Sun is Shining.
Myself and Mark decided to meet up the night before and discussed the Shot List and photographs that he wanted me capture.
We discussed image, equitment, branding, powder shots and of course the stunning Chamonix back drops. This is always something i do with all my Clients so that we can get every shot correct and so that i can decided upon the lens , equitment and lighting that i will take for the shoot.
So with everything decided on heading up to the altitude of 3,300 meters, we decided that heading onto the glacier was the best place to go to capture the powder and the photographs.
We did two journeys across the glacier and in that time we managed to capture the magic of what the AMP Team do so well when they put on there ski's.
All Mountain Performance are sponcered by Top Ski Brands like Volki , Marker and Tecnica, The All Mountain Performance team are amoungst the highest qualafied ski instructors in the buisness so it was very exciting to work with these guys.
The end result of the work was something that the guys are really happy with and some great images that capture the day and these guys in motion.
Mark popped by a few days ago and said he had had a chat with silvan sudan a legendary skier of the impossible who said he thought the images were great.......

Hope you are are all well, summer is on it's way and i am off to school this summer and in between photographying wedding, events and sport i am going to be a very busy boy.
So if it's not photography and film making that will be keeping me on toes it will be my little boy Henry who is keeping me and his mum very busy.

Speak soon and a big thank you to All Mountain Performance for using my services.

Much Love


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