Photographing the Perfect Flight




Photographing The Perfect Flight

It's April 2013.

I am receive a phone call from Legendary photographer Erlend Haugen who tells me about a Wingsuit flying attempt that is going to take place in Chamonix.

And how he would like me to help him capture some images for the Wingsuit flyers jumping out of the helicopter.

3 of the worlds best wingsuit flyers are about to attempt to fly from a Helicopter and beneth the Auguille du Midi bridge.

This is in the eyes of many is seen as an act of madness and one of the most dangerous stunts ever performed in Chamonix by Jokkee Sommer , Espen Fadness & Ludovick Woerth

My job was to photograph and  capture the action from the helicopter and as the Wing Suit flyers are departing the Helicopter

The article is going to go in the Norweigen Times newspaper. 

Click on this link to see the guys in action.

Here are some of my photographs from inside the Helicopter & some of Erlends pictures from the bridge. 

On meeting these guys i was struck by how much they live from flying, travel and adventure.
Many people think these guys are mad and the statsics from wingsuit flying show there are many fatalities from this sport.

However none of these guys have a death wish they simply live to FLY!!

Being in the helicopter with them was very exciting and tense, i had to keep my back to the front of the helicopter and also try not to distract them.

As what they are about to do was a life and death moment in time.

People say wedding photography is a scary prospect but this was on another level.

I guess my job allows me to look in on moments in time what others never get to see.

I doubt i will ever witness a moment like this again, however i will always feel very proud to of been involved in the moment and also to have captured the moment they dropped out of the helicopter and into thin air.

Here are the pictures from an amazing day of action & photography.

Pictures of the guys flying under the bridge are byElend Haugen

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