Photographing Howard Marks AKA Mr Nice




Photographing Howard Marks AKA Mr Nice

Oh what a NICE day.

Sometimes life is full of surprises and this particular day last weekend was full of them.

It was a saturday afternoon when I sat down to watch the film ''MR NICE'' starring Rhys Ifans
Halfway into watching the film i got a phone call from a friend saying that Howard Marks was going to be doing a talk about his life in the fantastic Irish boozer in Chamonix called the Jekyll.
What are the Chances of this??!! Pretty slim. 
Soon I was on the phone to the Jekyll pub owner Chris who told me he had 2 tickets, so i quickly reserved them.
Fast forward to 9pm and we are in the pub, pint in hand, waiting for MR NICE to come on stage.
I had actuly met Howard many years ago in Tower Records in Piccadilly and I could see he had aged considerably since 2003 when i saw him last in the flesh, maybe the life style has finally caught up with him!
The evening itself was so surreal having watched the film that day and surprisingly he seemed a little nervous and quiet and the beginning of his chat. But after a few wines and a couple of beers Howard soon had the crowd in fits of giggles and he talked about his life of Crime and adventure.

The company bringing acts like Howard to the Alps is fantastic and called, what a coup for them on this occasion.

I had a little chat with the director of 'taking the piste' and he said Howard was fine with me taking a few portrait pictures of the infamous master mind criminal.

Howard in person was a real gent and just like the name i suppose, Mr nice.

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